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The historical city of Girona, one of the most interesting in Catalonia, allows you to visit more than two thousand years of history from two fortified enclosures: La Força Vella and the medieval widening. The first corresponds to the Roman foundation, and the second to the enlargement of the walls during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The numerous monuments that have survived to this day preserve remarkable artistic riches. Girona's charm is complemented by the suggestive Jewry, or call, the beautiful streets and squares, the exultant baroque spaces and the nouveau buildings of Rafael Masó.

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In the most genuine place of the Força Vella rises the cathedral. Built between the eleventh and eighteenth centuries, it is made up of a set of walls and spaces of different styles, from the Romanesque (cloister and tower of Charlemagne) to the Baroque facade and staircase. Its most singular element is the large nave (15th-16th century), which is the widest vaulted Gothic space in the world (23 meters).

In the 1st century BC, the Romans erected a powerful fortress that traced an almost triangular perimeter; A kind of acropolis, the Força Vella, very well protected by walls built with large stone blocks. It was the first precinct of the city, unaltered until the year 1000 and still perceptible even today in some walls walls.

A singular Romanesque construction (12th century) inspired by Roman baths, its most outstanding elements include the entrance, which was used as a changing room and relaxation area and is covered with a barrel vault, and the cupola covering the central pool, which is supported by slim columns with ornately decorated capitals..

The extension of the Roman walls during the medieval ages today enables visitors to stroll along a walkway following some sections of the longest Carolingian walls in Europe (9th century). The various towers are excellent vantage points offering views over the city and the surrounding areas.

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