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Figueras is located in the extreme north-east of Catalonia. It is the most important city of those close to the border with France and articulates an important knot of communications that make it the gateway and obligatory point of stop for travelers and tourists who enter and leave Spain.

Its geographical and strategic position make it an important communications center with great accessibility. The traveler can arrive directly by road, on conventional rail and at high speed.

The present name derives from Ficaris, of the Visigothic period. In 1267 King Jaime I of Aragon granted him fueros and years later Hugo IV, count of Ampurias, set fire to it.

From the old wall stands the Gorgot Tower, integrated into the Dali Theater-Museum. In century XIX Figueras was impeller of a renewed sardana of the hand of Jose Ventura.

During century XIX acquired notoriety and strength, was granted the title to him of city and became a center of republican ideas and federalists. During the Spanish Civil War he was loyal to the government of the Second Republic. It was heavily bombed by the coup army, especially at the end of the Catalan campaign, when thousands of refugees crossed the city towards France to go into exile. Fuente: Tourism figueras


The Dalí Theater-Museum, inaugurated in 1974, was built on the remains of the old Theater of Figueres, and contains a wide range of works that describe the artistic trajectory of Salavdor Dalí (1904-1989), from his first artistic experiences and his creations Within surrealism, to the works of the last years of his life.

The Museum of Toy of Catalonia was inaugurated in the year 1982 in the dependencies of the old Hotel Paris in the Rambla de Figueres. The Museum exhibits more than 4000 pieces: zootropos, mecanos, teatritos, animals and cardboard horses, kitchens, balls, spinning top, airplanes etc ...

The Empordà Museum preserves one of the most outstanding art collections of the region. Created in 1946, the history of its collections dates back to the late nineteenth century, from the deposits of the Prado Museum and the donations and legacies of illustrious Ampurdanes characters. In 1971, the current building is conceived as a museum of archeology, art history.

The Electricity Museum of Figueres houses a unique collection of pieces and documents from the first electrification period of the Girona region, coming from the hydroelectric company Empordà, S.A. Founded 13 of August of 1913.

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