Conmemorative pipe


The craftsman Segimond Baluenas, Sigmund, has created a magnificent pipe free hand, "La Rotllana" to commemorate the celebration of the 2017 World Cup.
Elaborated with heather of the Spanish Mediterranean, with more than three years of natural drying, finished in light brown tone and polished brilliant with natural waxes.

The pipe incorporates a white methacrylate finish and a black acrylic nozzle.
It is a limited edition of seventy units numbered and certified by the artisan. Each one will be delivered in a custom case and leather bag, along with the certificate of guarantee numbered by the artisan.

La Rotllana

The name of Rotllana comes from the bar that is in the square of Maçanet de Cabrenys, The bar of Rotllan. In honor of this population, where the Spanish Cup will be celebrated on October 12, and from where the initiative to organize the 2017 World Cup took place, we have baptized the commemorative pipe as La Rotllana.


The Rotllana can only be bought by reservation. Once the 70 units are exhausted, no more pipes will be made.

The procedure for buying a Rotllana is as follows:

1º Send an email to the organization requesting the reservation of a pipe, detailing the full name and address of the applicant.

2º Once the organization confirms the reservation and assigns the serial number, the buyer will be asked to pay 150 Euros, plus the corresponding shipping costs, in the Pipa Club de Girona account:

ES02 2100 0248 9002 0008 0084 CaixaBank

3º throughout the month of July the pipes will be sent to buyers.
Buyers who wish to pick up the commemorative pipe during the celebration of the Spanish Cup or the World Cup.