Letters of the Presidents

Legend has it that the first bier pipe was created in Corsica by a friend soldier, who missed the Emperor Napleon. He order to do with the wood, was more usual in Emperor’s Country. Nonetheless, other more rigorous studies state that the first to use the queen wood of the pipes: the brier, were created in the Pyrenees.

According to the tradition of XIX and XX several villages of Girona’s province (Tordera, Amer, Ossor, Palamós, La Bisbal …) dedicated to ellaborate pipes or briar for the pipes. Of the beforementioned the one that has more fame was, Maçanet de Cabrenys. Their company Can Salvatella was until 2002 a pipe production core of brier in the region and village that work in that field. Due to this reason the Pipe World Coup wants to honor the pipe industry of that village.

The regon of Alt Empordà in Girona is one of the turistic milestones of Spain. We can find there Montain and sea, two natural elements that had itseld priceless. If we add to that an important culture, a historical tradicion and a exemplar gstronomy the value takes more appeal.

As it is mentioned before that in Alt Empordà, mountains and seas merges with landscapes, routes with a special charming. It is reflected in the history an in the same Girona, Unesco city heritage, declared of universal interest and in the amazing villages as for example: Cadaqués, Besalú, Monells, Ullastret and L’Escala that increases the interest. The ancient Greeks and Romans had in the latter their center and their cities as Emporium, which gives the name to the region. In addition to the monuments, museums and landscapes it has to be taken into account its gastronomy. Restaurants ranked on the top positions are there: El Celler de Can Roca, current number 1, El Bulli the previous number one and many others that shows the level of the gastronomy and the wines with its own denomination of origin (Empordá -Costa Brava). At last, indicate that due to Maçanet is a very little town it has been chosen a town bigger at 20 Km from it, Figueres (Capital of the region: Alt Empordà) as a handier place for the Center of Championship of Pipes and Cigars.

The city is not as beautiful as the mentioned before, but is an interesting place dut to the museum of Salvador Dalí, genious artist of Figueres, and the easily connection point with other interesting points, due to this facility we have chosen Figueres as the Center of the championship.

At last but not the least, furthermore the Clubs Worldcup, three days before it will be done the day 12 the Clubs Championship of Spain for Clubs in Maçanet de Cabrenys that obviously you are also welcomed, and two days after the first Worldcup of cigars.

I am pleased to welcome in Girona and El Empordà.


Toni Pascual President of the Spanish Federation of Pipe Clubs

Dear pipe smokers friends all over the world

We bring you the celebration of the XVII Compeción de Fumada de Pipa Mundial. Looking back, and reviewing the history of other worldwide smoking competitions, although some of them have been held in Spanish territory, there has never been any in the region of Girona.

It is a real pride to host such a prestigious event and the recognition to the tradition and the work that the people of Maçanet de Cabrenys have devoted during many generations to the pipe world.

The manufacture of pipes in this small location situated in the l’Alt Empordá region has been a reality since over 300 years.

The manufacture Fábrica de Pipas Salvatella merits special mention.

In the decade of ‘70s of the past century the number of their employees reached a figure of forty.

However, in 2000 they had to close their premises; nevertheless, pipes are still being manufactured today in a small workshop with a reduced production thanks to a local craftsman.

We are situated in a region which receives a big amount of tourist each year, due to the beauty of our beaches, our mountains, our gastronomy and a number of agricultural products of high quality… The Empordà’s designation of origin produces oil, wine and exclusive “cavas” (sparkling wine) well seasoned due to the geographical and climatic features.

Among these we highlight the sun and, above all, the Tramuntana wind.

On the cultural aspect stands notably a name: Salvador Dalí, born in 1904 in Figueres, a town that hosts the Teatro Museo Dalí. We hope you will enjoy our land and all it offers.

As the Girona Pipa Club president, together with all our members, we thank the Townhall of Maçanet de Cabrenya and the Townhall of Figueres and the Pipa Club de España for their cooperation and involvement, as well as the team of the El Pa Volador Restaurant in Vilatenim, the place where we will hold our Fumada del XVII Campeonato Mundial de Fumada Lenta.

Finally, we are most grateful to the volunteers, the sponsoring companies for their hard work, and to the people who will attend the competition for making possible the celebration of this event; we hope you will join us and have a good time.

Josep Samitier Viñals

President of Girona Pipa Club

Welcome to our municipality,

First of all we want to thank the Pipa Club Girona for the efforts made towards the introduction of our town Maçanet de Cabrenys, a Catalonian village situated in the Alt Empordá region (province of Girona), with 740 inhabitants and an area of 67,9 km2 (27,21 miles2).

The municipal area is situated at the foot of the eastern slope of the Pyrenees and has the highest peaks of the Alt Empordá, the Moiser Petit (1443 m [4734 ft]) and the Comptador (1445 m [4470 ft]).

In the past, there used to be a far-reaching pipe factory with great repercussion worldwide.

For this reason and because history has been binding us to pipe for over three centuries, Maçanet put itself forward for a post in order to host this year the World Championship of slow pipe smoking, which finally has been granted to us.

We are most thankful to the members of the Pipa Club Girona foro having submitted our candidacy, and to the Pipa Club España for supporting it; as you probably know, on October 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th, of this current year 2017 two championships of slow pipe smoking will be held in our municipality: On October 12th will be held the National Championship and on October 15th, the World Championship.

At present, the economy of our village bases itself first and foremost on the public service sector: hotels, restaurants, camping, rural tourism accommodation, shops of great charm, bakeries, and butcher shops...

The excellent gastronomy is one of the pleasures that can be found in the various restaurants of the municipality.

There is as well a big part engaged in the construction sector and a water spring, “Las Creus” from which springs up a natural mineral water of finest taste. Together with the purity of its flow turns it into a pleasure for gourmets.

From our Town Hall we are delighted to welcome all the people who will take part in this event and we wish you all a pleasant stay among us.

We invite you to enjoy our village, its history, and its natural environment.

We hope you will feel most welcome and that you will get to know a little more of Alt’Empordá.

Mercè Bosch Romans
Major of maçanet de Cabrenys

A warm welcome to FIGUERES,

On behalf of the CIPC I want to welcome you heartily at the World Cup 2017 in Spain.

The organization was assigned to the “GIRONA Pipe Club” by the CIPC General Assembly in Monestier di Treviso – Italy in 2015. Since 1973, the CIPC brings the pipe smokers together and now over 30 countries participate.

Each year, there are over 300 participants, finding themselves in a friendly competition.

Here, everybody can make new friends and talk to old friends. Exhibitions, showing the art work of pipe makers can also be admired.

Pipe smokers, whether beginners or veterans, everybody (whatever background, sex or colour) is welcome to join the international pipe smokers community and share in our quest to do the job together with pipe makers, traders and tobacconists in order to reach our threefold aim

• To present pipe smoking as an expression of individual personal freedom;

• To secure pipe smoking for coming generations as an intangible cultural heritage and

• To show that pipe smoking is a life style and stands for “good taste and quality”.

During this event I hope you can feel the solidarity of the international pipe smokers community, coming together to enjoy your pipe.

Wish you all wonderful days in FIGUERES and lots of success!

Cornelius C.N. Crans MA. - President CIPC.
More info at: www.cipc.pipeclubs.com.