Michal Pawlak

No doubt Poland will be very well represented in Figueres during the 2017 World Cup celebration. Michał Pawlak, an instinctive artisan and in love with his […]

Rafal Wozniak

We continue to increase the list of artisans who will exhibit their creations during the 2017 World Cup. On this occasion we present you to Rafal […]

Official Wordl Cup 2017 Pipes

The artisan Segimon Baluenas, Sigmund, continues to work full-blown in the pipes of the 2017 World Cup. Thanks to your efforts today we can present the […]

The Pipe and Tobacco of the 2017 World Championship

A mixture with contrast in its appearance created from Black Cavendish of double fermentation and Virginia tobaccos matured and cured with hot air of Argentina added with a pleasant flavor to honey.